So the other night was the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala and it was a night to behold. Below you can see what Rihanna wore to said event:

Rihanna @ Costume Gala

Rihanna @ Costume Gala

Now let’s just take this in for a moment. Serious Michael Jackson vibes for me; where I first saw this picture they also added in some Prince due to the satin & shoulders.

But what’s most important for Dandy. is the level of non-woman tailoring going on here .
Please note:

  • The waist is only very minimally cinched in and the hem of the jacket is low. As the ladies know, women’s blazers are often cropped and try to emphasize an hourglass waist.
  • Bowtie.
  • Lengthen the pants, and we still don’t have low risers or hip huggers. They fit well with some room to spare, straight leg.
  • Arms are the right length. Now, with women’s blazers this isn’t an issue. But if a lady is going to wear a men’s blazer/sportcoat, the arms are often too long or short in proportion to the waist/shoulders.
  • Which brings us to the shoulders. Yes, dramatic and flamboyant. But if we squared them off they’d still allow for movement.

Basically, if we adjusted the shoulders and sized it right, I’d take one in cotton.


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