My Kingdom for a Wide Calf Boot

I was not graced with thin ankles and calves. Even men’s ankles are better proportioned than my own. This has been the case my whole life.

So what am I to do when I really just want a pair of boots? Like these:

I’ve recently become infatuated with motorcyle boots. Alas, it’s hard to find wide calf men’s boots in small sizes. Add it to the list of “What My Menswear Shop Will Stock”.


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After I saw that Jenn did find a bowtie and sported it up in her hometown, I grew insanely jealous and immediately followed suit. Went down to the local thrift store and bought a clip-on black and clip-on navy blue.

Was able to wear the black one that night and totally loved it. Pic below to prove that I don’t look like an old southern gentleman. ALSO: Ahad left us a great comment that took me forever to approve (sorry Ahad!) over in the original post where I considered the merits of a bowtie vs. ascot.

In other news, Rachel Maddow once again blows my mind. Jenn shared this with me last night (from girlfriend is a homo):


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Unisex Uniain’t.

I was walking to the bus a couple weeks ago and thinking about the shirts I wear. Particularly, one I made for my sisters for Christmas out of men’s undershirts. They’re huge, so they’ve turned into PJs for all of us. I could have gone a size lower, for sure, but it got me thinking about other t-shirts I own: specifically those that were marketed as unisex.

Which really just means “men’s shirt” that is large enough to fit women. Not surprising that the men’s default – unless specifically fashioned for men in cut/style – is also the “unisex” default. “It’s good enough for him, so it’s good enough for her!” I don’t have many women’s shirts in my wardrobe, but if/when I want to change my default presentation to one that is tailored – I have in the past enjoyed a well-fitted tee. And I know when I was working in an organization responsible for providing t-shirts to volunteers, it was certainly a request that we also provide women’s tees vs. our standard unisex sizes.

Since this blog is less about mens clothing vs. womens clothing, and more about how to be as well-dressed as the men’s collections we see even though we have breasts, this point may seem obvious and less relevant. To which I say “Nay!” Because while the alternative (and there is one) to unisex t-shirts are fitted tees, that doesn’t solve the issue of unisex [insert fashion item here] that may not have an alternative. Despite being sold as “one sex fits all”.

Socks (yes, they fit differently)
etc etc.

Actually, it was kind of hard to come up with that list – but my point is the same. Unisex = men’s fit, with unisex appeal. While culturally it may be seen as more appropriate for me to wear a unisex item (as it’s not like I’m actually wearing men’s clothing, am I right?) – the downright physics of it is the same.

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On the Subject of Pants.

I’ve already discussed the various struggles of finding a men’s jacket which can work for a woman (punchline: there isn’t one that I’ve found yet, off the rack). Now it’s time to talk about the bottom half with pants/jeans/dress pants/etc.

Here’s Robert Downey Jr. – one of my favorite actors and someone who can pull off a tux mighty nicely. (Hey! You try finding a compelling image of “mens pants”.)


Anyway, the merits of men’s pants over women’s:

  1. The pockets are much deeper allowing for actual functionality.
  2. There are more belt loops to actually hold the pants up.
  3. They can more easily fit loosely.

Now the one thing about women’s pants that are a plus: they fit curves, because they are actually made to fit over hips/butts that are more curvy. Buying larger men’s pants means the actual legs are giant and the waist is incredibly too large just to fit over a curvier frame. Of course this one benefit is a double edged sword. Since women’s pants are made to fit curves, they are also made to accentuate them with often not-advertised flare legs and tighter/low rise waists.

My perfect pants that may actually be feasible?
Women’s pants that are a straight-leg loose fit (for the loose look throughout the legs), modified with extra belt loops. Just forego the larger pockets for carrying around a satchel. I’ve always wanted to try the “Boyfriend Fit” jeans that were advertised -but when I’m in a position to buy new jeans they are usually out of my size and/or don’t carry that fit.

Now dress pants are more difficult and I haven’t found a great solution for those…

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