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the skinny tie

Bowties? Yes, still, but we don’t always want to look like 7-year-olds at First Communion. Sometimes we’d prefer to look more our age, in which case, the skinny tie.

Tartans are especially visible right now, like this red & white pattern; but if you are looking for simple, basic thin ties, you’ll find what you need here (including lavender!).

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les t

“Mr Rich is a store in Taiwan that sells guy clothes (tomboy clothes) that are made to fit girls.”

serious niche marketing, or are straight girls in Taiwan aiming to look like dykes? I have no idea, but this shit’s hot.

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I’ve been cutting my own hair since 2005- I only relapsed once, and it cost me like fifty bucks (I learned my lesson). Why should I pay other people to cut my hair when I can do it better and cheaper myself? And if I fuck up the back a little bit, whatev- my hair is short, it grows fast, and in two weeks, you won’t even notice.


Despite what the NY Times says, dudes aren’t the only ones who are experimenting with ‘non-normative hair.’ Remember the Tender Forever mohawk/mane? Cindy Wonderful’s skull checkerboard? And of course, always, Beth Ditto.


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ultra top

This is several years old, but still fascinating: a conversation between Parisa Parnian (queer designer whose clothes appeared on the L Word) and one of the editors of a Japanese online lesbian magazine called Tokyo Wrestling.

So, in Japan, boyish girls are generally expected to be on top, which means they only give, and the opposite applies to the girlish girls; in fact, it’s quite strict. Some Tachi don’t even take their clothes off, and that’s quite common. They’re called “Bari-Tachi”, like “ultra top”.

Wow. Yeah, in English it’s called “being stone”. If you’re a “stone butch”, that means not only are you masculine and you are the one who does everything, but you don’t want to be touched. You won’t even take off your clothes.

―I thought in America everybody was “Riba” or a switch.

Also, profiles of a handful of Japanese lesbians– brief, weirdly translated, and rad.

tokyo wrestling shu

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Molly Landreth’s Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America makes me want to cry. In a good way. You may have seen her photographs in Girls Like Us– they are everything you want ‘a portrait of queer life in america’ to be.

Charlie and Honey

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neon neon

neon suit


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If your queer icons are more likely to be Kim Ann Foxman and Judith Halberstam than, say, Lady Gaga, Girls Like Us might be your oxygen.

Girls Like Us

But all has been silent on the GLU front since fall 2008.  With Bitch‘s recent financial struggles, and the state of print media in general, it’s hard to read this as anything but a bad sign.  However, Girls Like Us cofounder Jessica Gysel confirms, via email, that a new issue will be out in September.  If you’re having a hard time tracking down issues stateside, subscriptions to the Amsterdam-based English-language magazine are available through Bruil & van de Staaij.

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pomp and circumstance

For all the teen faggots and weirdos who put up Morrissey posters instead of Presley, Hannah Blilie’s pompadour makes perfect sense.


Music for Men has a June 22 release date, and GSSP is making some US stops on their upcoming tour (including a performance at the Capitol Hill Block Party with Kim and Thurston).

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