the skinny tie

Bowties? Yes, still, but we don’t always want to look like 7-year-olds at First Communion. Sometimes we’d prefer to look more our age, in which case, the skinny tie.

Tartans are especially visible right now, like this red & white pattern; but if you are looking for simple, basic thin ties, you’ll find what you need here (including lavender!).


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After I saw that Jenn did find a bowtie and sported it up in her hometown, I grew insanely jealous and immediately followed suit. Went down to the local thrift store and bought a clip-on black and clip-on navy blue.

Was able to wear the black one that night and totally loved it. Pic below to prove that I don’t look like an old southern gentleman. ALSO: Ahad left us a great comment that took me forever to approve (sorry Ahad!) over in the original post where I considered the merits of a bowtie vs. ascot.

In other news, Rachel Maddow once again blows my mind. Jenn shared this with me last night (from girlfriend is a homo):


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The New In

Over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that bow ties are making a comeback. They aren’t everywhere yet, but they are popping up more and more.

However, I was told this weekend that ascots are really the next big thing.

I’m afraid if I wear a bow tie it will make me look like an old, fat, southern gentleman. I think if I wear an ascot, my chances are better. Ascots can come in as many patterns as the bow tie, but can also be as formal as you like or as informal as you like depending on how cleanly/tightly you tie it. Much like the neck tie.

So what do you think? Ascot, bowtie, both?

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