If your queer icons are more likely to be Kim Ann Foxman and Judith Halberstam than, say, Lady Gaga, Girls Like Us might be your oxygen.

Girls Like Us

But all has been silent on the GLU front since fall 2008.  With Bitch‘s recent financial struggles, and the state of print media in general, it’s hard to read this as anything but a bad sign.  However, Girls Like Us cofounder Jessica Gysel confirms, via email, that a new issue will be out in September.  If you’re having a hard time tracking down issues stateside, subscriptions to the Amsterdam-based English-language magazine are available through Bruil & van de Staaij.


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pomp and circumstance

For all the teen faggots and weirdos who put up Morrissey posters instead of Presley, Hannah Blilie’s pompadour makes perfect sense.


Music for Men has a June 22 release date, and GSSP is making some US stops on their upcoming tour (including a performance at the Capitol Hill Block Party with Kim and Thurston).

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On the Subject of Pants.

I’ve already discussed the various struggles of finding a men’s jacket which can work for a woman (punchline: there isn’t one that I’ve found yet, off the rack). Now it’s time to talk about the bottom half with pants/jeans/dress pants/etc.

Here’s Robert Downey Jr. – one of my favorite actors and someone who can pull off a tux mighty nicely. (Hey! You try finding a compelling image of “mens pants”.)


Anyway, the merits of men’s pants over women’s:

  1. The pockets are much deeper allowing for actual functionality.
  2. There are more belt loops to actually hold the pants up.
  3. They can more easily fit loosely.

Now the one thing about women’s pants that are a plus: they fit curves, because they are actually made to fit over hips/butts that are more curvy. Buying larger men’s pants means the actual legs are giant and the waist is incredibly too large just to fit over a curvier frame. Of course this one benefit is a double edged sword. Since women’s pants are made to fit curves, they are also made to accentuate them with often not-advertised flare legs and tighter/low rise waists.

My perfect pants that may actually be feasible?
Women’s pants that are a straight-leg loose fit (for the loose look throughout the legs), modified with extra belt loops. Just forego the larger pockets for carrying around a satchel. I’ve always wanted to try the “Boyfriend Fit” jeans that were advertised -but when I’m in a position to buy new jeans they are usually out of my size and/or don’t carry that fit.

Now dress pants are more difficult and I haven’t found a great solution for those…

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The New In

Over the last couple of months, I’ve noticed that bow ties are making a comeback. They aren’t everywhere yet, but they are popping up more and more.

However, I was told this weekend that ascots are really the next big thing.

I’m afraid if I wear a bow tie it will make me look like an old, fat, southern gentleman. I think if I wear an ascot, my chances are better. Ascots can come in as many patterns as the bow tie, but can also be as formal as you like or as informal as you like depending on how cleanly/tightly you tie it. Much like the neck tie.

So what do you think? Ascot, bowtie, both?

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So the other night was the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Gala and it was a night to behold. Below you can see what Rihanna wore to said event:

Rihanna @ Costume Gala

Rihanna @ Costume Gala

Now let’s just take this in for a moment. Serious Michael Jackson vibes for me; where I first saw this picture they also added in some Prince due to the satin & shoulders.

But what’s most important for Dandy. is the level of non-woman tailoring going on here .
Please note:

  • The waist is only very minimally cinched in and the hem of the jacket is low. As the ladies know, women’s blazers are often cropped and try to emphasize an hourglass waist.
  • Bowtie.
  • Lengthen the pants, and we still don’t have low risers or hip huggers. They fit well with some room to spare, straight leg.
  • Arms are the right length. Now, with women’s blazers this isn’t an issue. But if a lady is going to wear a men’s blazer/sportcoat, the arms are often too long or short in proportion to the waist/shoulders.
  • Which brings us to the shoulders. Yes, dramatic and flamboyant. But if we squared them off they’d still allow for movement.

Basically, if we adjusted the shoulders and sized it right, I’d take one in cotton.

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